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Hi! Once again it’s a new year!

First off! An apology as I have not been updating this site as often as I hope to.
I pray that the Lord has been good to each of you!


I'm working right now on my MYSPACE site where I keep a blog and feature some of my songs
Just click on this Link!
Hope to see some of you there!!

Also feel free to check out Sonic Sanctuary’s website!


Recently for the past 2 years, I have been playing in some local Chinese musicals like Lao Jui and
If there's a season which is playing now as we speak.
I must say that it's a great experience even though the rehearsals are tough.

I am so glad that God has been faithful and good to provide me with work and opportunities to meet up with more new musicians

What about you? How have you been?

Last updated 18th August 2007

Breaking News!

There is also a book out now that contains testimonies of me, Martin, Ken and others.

The catch is that it is in Chinese. If you want to read Testimonies of both me and Martin n English, please click here!

If you wish to purchase the book, please email me at the email address found in Sonic Sanctuary’s website.

I have also just updated my Sales page, have a couple of items that I want to get rid of...if you're interested feel free to check it out !
I have put in a page for some of the neat toys & utilities that I have in my pc. Just click HERE to find out more.
Pictures archives of the concerts and some of the old pages of the old website are still available.

The Resource page is up!

This is where I'll explain my guitars and my gears which I uses in my recording/concert sessions .
Included is a page where I can hopefully get rid of some of my older stuffs which has been crowding my home
to the dismay of my sweet loving wife (You know
wives are funny that way heheh.) Check it out!


Wondering what is going on? Go here to find out!



Go to LivingWaters.com




Study: Smoking Harms Women More Than Men


AMSTERDAM (Reuters) –

Cigarette smoking is more harmful to women than to men, cutting more than a decade off female smokers' life expectancy but much less for their male peers,

Dutch government research suggested Monday.

Statistics agency CBS said a comparison of the numbers of Dutch who died of lung cancer in 2003

and smoking trends showed the habit cut a Dutch woman's life expectancy by 11 years, versus three for a man.

"Women who died from lung cancer were younger than men who died from the same cause.

This means the harmful effects of smoking are more serious for women than for men," it said, but did not suggest a reason for the difference.

Cigarette smoking is believed to be one of the main causes of lung cancer as well as other cancers and lung diseases.

The CBS said a rise in lung cancer among Dutch women since the 1970s correlated with an increase in smoking by women.

On average, female lung cancer sufferers died at age 70 versus an average life expectancy for Dutch women of 81.

Male lung cancer sufferers lived to an age of 73 on average, compared with an average expectancy of 76 years for Dutch men.

The CBS said life expectancy for men in the Netherlands has increased by about five years since the 1970s as they have smoked less.

"The fall in cases of lung cancer among men can be attributed to their smoking habits," it said.


I used to smoke 3 packs a day before the year 2000. That is 60 sticks a day! Guys and gals, If you are still smoking today, its time to really quit. I used to have my daughters coming up to me and saying “Dad…..please quit smoking … we don’t want to see you die!”

I know what you all are going through…But if you really want to quit….you can do it.

As for me…I can’t do it on my own. I have the resolution but not the will power. I have to have help. And it came from Jesus.

You too can have Jesus helping you quit this nasty, selfish, expensive, futile and ridiculous habit. All you need to do is ask!

Wanna know how I quit? Read here!


So do enjoy the visit!     

May GOD shines his light on you in all the things you say and do  ;))


What's the buzz? Tell me whatsa happening!







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Click on the Pictures above to know more about what goes on in the shows and rehersals!



IFPI in Taiwan has ceased operations in their billboard charts
in order to facilitate fundings for anti piracy operations in
The Music piracy business has taken quite a big chunk out of the Music industry.
And the introduction of MP3 is not really doing
any good to the industry as well.
So please stop piracy and buy original Music!
so that we songwriters can continue our work and
not starve in the process.
Thank you!



Do Remember....everything you 've done or doing that "may be "happening" is and was not done by your own strength.
It's done by the will and grace of the Good Lord above.


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