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Why Mongolia? Homeland of the great Genghis Khan?
was the question I asked myself and the rest of the team
when we were asked whether we would like to go for a series of christian concerts in Outer Mongolia.
Why? The country is almost always cold and we don't speak the language. The answers to my questions were finally answered
whilst we were there and when we finally arrived safely back home in sunny Singapore.
So we were told to quip ourselves spritually. We were told to fast and pray for the trip.
We did all that and yet there was this nagging fear and doubt in me on
whether I would be any good in this mission trip. But my heart and my mind persist in the idea of going.
And the pledge that I gave to GOD ...."Thy Will Be Done" comes into my mind
everytime I have doubts in my mind pertaining to the trip.
Mind you, there were times when I felt so inadequate that I've told Martin that I won't be going.
But somehow, due to the group's support and the loving guidiance of God,
I finally made up my then confused mind to go.
we were told that the weather in Mongolia would be freezing at that time of year,
meaning that the temperature ranges from -10C to -25C.
So I went looking for a good sub-zero down jacket, Knapsack, Gloves, Long Johns, Termal patches and a sleeping bag.
We flew from Singapore to Beijing on the 2nd March and from Beijing we flew to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.
Note: Pictures taken in Ulan Bator were bad as I had loaded a roll of old film in my camera, hence the poor color quality.

The Band

Bass: Jeff Lim     Guitar: Jonathan Koh    Keyboards:Ricky Ho     Keyboards: Patricia Tang    
Drums: Micheal Teo    Worship Leader: Martin Tang     Vocals: Little Megan Tang
Speaker: Kok Wah    Prayer warrior: Desmond
Band Manager: Sipo
Interpretors/Roadies and great companions: Bud, Shakar, Gana and Shoktor

Upon arriving in Ulan Bator, we were whisked off to lunch in a christian college.
And after Lunch, took a 6 hours Van ride to Darhan.
It was an uneventful trip till our beatup Van ran out of Petrol upon reaching the outskirt of Darhan.
But all went well as we found a petrol kiosk after much prayers and apprehension as it was getting dark and the temperature was about -15c.


Me and ricky on the icy street of Darhan on the next day.
Pictures of the 2 worship concerts that was held in Darhan were not developed due to the quality of the film.

Me and some young folks outside the concert venue in Darhan.

We took some time off the next day to visit a Mongolian farmstead.
The GER is the Mongol's main tent where they cook, eat and sleep.
That 's me with a elderly Mongolian woman in her GER.

This is SHAKAR" one of our four Mongolian brothers in Christ that followed and assisted us during the whole trip.

Little Megan with her daddy Martin on a Mongolian horse.

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