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On Mid Dec 1999, I was with a bunch of friends,
playing in Phil Chang's concert in Hong Kong.
Part of the thrill in playing in this concert
was a chance to play and hangout with one of my guitar heros..Rex.
And of course, touring with Ricky and Jimmy again was a blast too!

Ricky Ho     Piano and Music Director
Rex Goh     Guitars
Ignatius Bong     Bass
Blair     Percussion
Jimmy Lee     Drums
Christine     Keyboards
Jonathan Koh     Guitars

Artise:     Phil Chang Yi

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James Bong?????

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Mr Ricky Ho!

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Me and Rex

rexsetup.jpg - 45901 Bytes

Rex's setup on stage

jonsetup.jpg - 34946 Bytes

My Setup

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Group Photo at the venue

guitars.jpg - 46188 Bytes

Guitars at rehersals

rex.jpg - 37203 Bytes

Rex with his casio guitar

rehk.jpg - 36627 Bytes

Pausing fer a photos at the rehersals

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Rex and Bong