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Here is where I get rid (er-hem!) sell my older stuff.
Those that are currently staying in Singapore, email me and I'll deliver the items to you personally.
For oversea orders please email me.

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Going Cheap!!!
2 pesky kids going fer a dime each! Goods sold are non-returnable.
Just Kidding!!!!

One working DOD Wah Wah Pedal @ S$60/-


One working ART SGX2000 Guitar Multi Effects Processor c/w Remote Floorboard with custom made case @ S$600/-. Sorry..the roadcase for the floorboard is not available now.


1 pc Roland GR50 Guitar Synth {1 Unit rack size} c/w GK2 pickup @S$500/-

Alesis ADAT AI2 controller at Sin$300/-

NYC Tech21 XXL distortion pedal @ Sin$80/-

Roland FS5L footswitches @ Sin$20/- a piece or get all six at Sin$120/- including the snake cable with connectors

More to come!

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