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The kids, I and my wife would like to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May the Good LORD bless all of you and your family with good health and blessings in your lives!

Yep! That's my boy....hahahah. He's getting to be playful now...smiles at almost everyone he meets. Unlike his grouchy old man...hahah

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My boy Luke! Borned at 8.13am 22nd Feb 2000. Weighing at 3.39kg.....
I thank the LORD for this latest bundle of joy to me and Dora.
We thank all our friends for their kind emails and wishes. Dora is recovering well...and will check out of the hospital by sat. I can't wait! eeheh It's hard to be a househusband!!!!! HELP!!!!

Update 1/2/2000 LUKE is back!
Luke came back home today after spending 9 days in the Hospital.
The reason for his extended stay was because of G6PD deficiency.
We will have to watch him these few days for anymore signs of Jaundice.
Once again, Dora and me would like to thank all you guys fer writing in!

heheh He has four new teeth on top and four new one below..runs arounds the house at breakneck speed with his walker.

Having his first touch with the family piano..

My Girls then....... Kelly on the left and Sara on the right

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My Girls now.....! Boy do I feel really old!

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Pictures of My friends' babies!   More to Come!

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                                                                              Chis' baby girl Rachel!!

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Arnold and Noel would like to introduce Our Bubeeboy! Andrew Connor Staton

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