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Free Downloads from CNET

Yes, the free time I have has resulted in me modding my desktop once again.

Here is my latest.


DSL_Cable_Guide_banner.gif - 5990 Bytes
In order to get max performance from your ADSL or cable modem connection,
you must check out this web site.
If you have a very fast system and lots or RAM,
but could not get full performance from your DSL connection then
you should make the changes they suggest.
First check your current performance here.
Then change your TCP settings (Click here,
and download, and add RAM to your NIC card buffer
(Learn how to do that here).
Then check performance again after reboot to see the difference.
If more people optimize their connections,
there will be a better choice for hosts and a better overall gaming experience.
Good gaming.
My Thanks to Rouge Spear Database and Javier Bonnemaison for this info!

Join The Chat Forum!!!

I see the computer as a mean if of getting my work done but then I'm lying.....hehe....
cause I spent most of my computer time playing all sorts of games.
One of my hobbies when I'm on the net is to find stuff that are useful and fun to look at for my desktop.
Below is a snapshot of my present desktop..

As you can's a bit more cluttered than it really is...
It's so that I can show what I have in my pc's desktop.

Below is a list of some of the neat toys and stuff that you can download from the web.
Some of them are free but most of them are sharewares.

It's basically a browser that works off the internet explorer.
If you like a nice looking browser, this is the one!
And you can also change the schemes(Skins) in their website!

This is basically a tool for you to get all your favourite shorcuts in one attractive place
so that you won't clutter up your desktop with shortcut icons.
Comes with various skins from their website.

An attractive player for Cds, MP3 etc....
It also comes with various skins from their website.

A very useful tool to have if you're tired of opening programs,
checking your email or what not with your mouse.
If you have a mic, this is the tool to have for multi-tasking.
It comes with a set of Microsoft agents but you can download more from the website too.

You've probably heard of it...just in case you didn't,
It's a neat messaging tool..informs you when your friends
are online so that you can chat, download files.
Personally I find this tool a necessity as I get some of my business from here.
You should also download ICQ PLUS as it gives you
the option to change how your ICQ looks on your desktop

WinOptimizer is a powerful tool that will help you to eliminate unnecessary
ballast and keep your Windows system running smoothly and

WinBoost 2000 is a special utility to configure and personalize Windows 98/98SE/95 looks
and feels. Using easy to use graphical user interface you can configure hundreds
of Windows 98/95 hidden settings, from the Start Menu, Desktop, Accessories,
Windows Explorer, to Internet Explorer.
This is something that you cannot do on the regular operations.
In addition, you will get hundreds of selected Windows 98/95 Tips & Tricks to boost your Windows performance.

So there you are...I hope you find all these information useful and
here's to hours of enjoyment with your computer!
Just don't stay up too late!!!!!

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